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DPD Success story

DPD Austria. Market leadership - a brief overview.

The chronology of success
1988 7 April: the three leading Austrian freight forwarders Gebrüder Weiss, Lagermax and Schachinger found Austria's first private parcel service under the name 'APS Austria Paket System'.
2 May: the first parcel is shipped through the APS system. During the first year of operations 2,720 parcels a day are transported.
1989 The company ships 1.5 million parcels in its first year.
1990 The daily parcel volume goes up to 10,000 parcels.
Establishment of initial international networks
Launch of a battery disposal logistics service, which enables batteries from the whole of Austria to be disposed of in a sustainable manner
1992 The rapid rise in parcel volumes makes it necessary to construct new depots or extend existing ones.
September: first DIN/ISO certification
December: development of a central European shipping concept
1993 For the first time parcel volumes rise to over 500,000 parcels monthly.
1994 APS begins crossborder shipping as partner to DPD Direct Parcel Distribution. Responsibility for operations lies with the newly-founded DPD Austria, a participation in which Gebrüder Weiss, Lagermax and Schachinger are represented as shareholders, together with Birkart, Dachser and Nathe & Quehenberger.
October: the SHUTTLE-BOX®, re-usable packing which reduces packaging waste, is launched and creates new environmental impulses on the market.
Proof of delivery can for the first time be accessed by customers right round the clock.
May: the central sorting facility is opened. With 9,000 parcels an hour it has at the time Austria's biggest sorting capacity.
August: introduction of DELIS, the fully electronic tracking system which makes the parcel history available on the internet, the intranet and other electronic media.
September: launch of DPD wine logistics as a special system for fast and secure transport of bottles of wine
For the first time in the company's history the one billion schilling turnover mark is broken through.
January: for the purpose of promoting its Europe strategy the company begins operations under the established worldwide brand DPD Direct Parcel Distribution.
March: DPD Austria ships 1 million parcels a year for the first time.
July: the comprehensive partnership between DPD Austria and Post & Telekom Austria in the business parcel segment opens up new service prospects to parcels customers in Austria.
September: the DPD C.O.D. product is rolled out.
December: the Saturday parcel is offered on the market.
Rising parcel volumes require investment of over 300 million schillings in new depots and extensions to existing depots.
February: more than 72,000 parcels a day are shipped.
May: DPD Austria celebrates 10 years of market leadership.
The extensions and new depots are completed throughout Austria: the Kalsdorf depot near Graz opens on 25,000m2. The depot in Leoben doubles its sorting capacity to 6,000 parcels a day.
Launch of DPD asparagus logistics
May: opening of Depot 634 (Perg/Upper Austria)
July: opening of Depot 625 (Salzburg)
In Austria DPD Austria ships more than 25 million parcels and launches the website dpd-business.at.
1 million parcels a day are shipped via the DPD system.
DPD is the first Austrian parcel service to offer a 24-hour standard delivery to German business centres.
DPD ships more than 27 million parcels.
DPD also offers C.O.D. parcels to Germany.
The main sorting facility in Linz/Hörsching is extended to accommodate rising parcel volumes.
With effect from 1.9.2005 the three DPD shareholders Lagermax, Schachinger and Gebrüder Weiss acquire the 30% share which the Austrian Post AG had held in the parcel service companies since the middle of 1997.
DPD Austria transports 31.6 million parcels throughout the country.
DPD now offers C.O.D. parcels to Belgium and Luxembourg too.
October: Georg Karoh becomes sole CEO of DPD Austria.
In the 2006 business year DPD Austria has a turnover of 132.2 million euros and transports 34.2 million parcels. This is an increase of 8.2 % on 2005.Speichern
April: Rainer Schwarz joins the management team of DPD Austria, sharing responsibility with Georg Karoh, who has been CEO of DPD Austria since 2006.
DPD Austria ships 35.8 million parcels in Austria in 2007, which represents an increase of 4.4% on the year before, and increases its turnover from 138.7 million euros to 142.9 million euros.
May: DPD Austria celebrates 20 years of successful operations.
February: DPD Austria launches the DPD Catalogue Logistics.
In times of a difficult economic development DPD Austria achieves an increase in turnover of 1.6 per cent up to 147.1 million euros.
The first CNG vans are introduced to DPD fleet.
 2010  DPD gains 3.6 per cent at national parcel shipping. Export holds a plus of 12.6 per cent and import grows 6.2 per cent.
 2011 February: relaunch of DPD-business.at. The new website offers improved usability including extensive service- and tracking functions and facilitates parcel navigation for B2B customers.
October: DPD Austria launches its mobile website: mobile.dpd.at.
 2012 January: DPD Austria has been certified in accordance with ISO 14001. Together with Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg Austria belongs to the DPD countries certified according to environmental norm.
 2013 25th Anniversary of DPD Austria
...and the success story is going on!